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When she says

she doesn’t love you anymore,

Roll your shoulders back

and look her in the eye

even when it feel like she’s

stabbing you with a thousand knives.

When she brings up old aches and pains

she said she’d never revisit,

just smile.

Ask her why she didn’t leave you sooner.

Ignore the way the words feel like

glass in your throat ,

slicing the back of your tongue.

When she blames you for the mistakes that wear HER face,

Do not fold. Do not cry.

Tell her that there are women

who would be PROUD to say they loved

You. Belonged to you.

yell her that in two years,

you’d forget her name;

and don’t let her see that you can taste

your own lie.

When she walks out, don’t get up. Don’t follow her.

Not even to lock the door.

Don’t keep anything of hers, not even to

reminisce about.

Cry for her, forgiver her, wish her well,

but do not go back to her.

She didn’t love you right yesterday.

She won’t love you right tomorrow.”

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